In early 2016, mortgage professional David Koonce and Realtor Sarah Anderson got together to create a networking group that would remove some of the rigidity of a typical networking group and include time for members to get to know each other personally. They wanted to grow over time, somewhat naturally, with members reaching out to potential new members who matched the spirit of the group: professional, positive, eager to share time and expertise, and a desire to stay involved.

Sarah and David wanted to create a platform for getting together often enough to stay fresh in one another’s minds, but not so often that it disrupted productivity. Today BizCon-X of Central Maryland offers group meetings, one-on-ones, phone calls and events at various times of the day to make it easy to stay active.

From the beginning, Sarah and David wanted the group to play a part in the community by donating time and money to worthy local causes. Since then we have participated in events each month that have brought us together as a group and created opportunities to continue to learn about one another.

They also knew they wanted BizCon-X to be a member-run organization, without the fees of other networking groups. Instead, it is an investment of time and engagement. With an investment, you earn dividends. With BizCon-X, the more of yourself and your time you invest, the greater the dividends for both your business and yourself personally.

While the top priority of the group is to grow one another’s businesses, Sarah, David and the group’s earliest members found a way to do that while creating opportunities for community involvement and personal connections.

David Koonce
Sarah Anderson